November is National Adoption Awareness Month.
This should really be called National Adoptee Awareness Month. While it is understandable so many families want to celebrate their adopted child, we must not forget that those children and all adopted individuals suffer a great loss due to adoption. It is a loss that is not recognized by society and a loss that many adoptees grieve in silence for their entire lives. ….the loss of their birth family, their heritage and their right to their original birth certificate and medical history.
Our mission is to educate the public about adoption loss and the realities that adoptees face daily. National Adoption Awareness Month is the perfect time to open up the discussion and focus on the adoptees themselves. Allow them to express their feelings about their adoption, and give them the grace and understanding to express their feelings of loss without making it about their love or loyalty to their adoptive family.
Closed adoptions promote secrecy, shame and threaten the health and sometimes lives of adopted persons as they cannot access their medical history. Adoptees around the country are speaking out against archaic laws and are seeking to restore their civil and human right to know who they are.
Please join us this month in celebrating adoptees everywhere, and we welcome you to comment or post your thoughts about what it means to be adopted.
We encourage you to be proactive and help support adoptee rights in Texas by contacting your local legislators and telling them you support Texas adoptees and their right to their original birth certificate. We will post more on where and how to further support new legislation in the coming weeks.
Adoption is not possible without the adoptee. Let’s make sure this National Adoption Awareness Month we are listening, supporting, and learning from adoptees themselves – just what adoption is all about and what it means to THEM. Some adoptees have positive experiences, some have negative, most have a mixture, but every experience is their own experience.

The adoptee voice is the loudest and truest voice in the adoption process and needs to be heard above all others. It’s the only voice that completely lives the adoption experience, but has no say in decisions that are made for them. Adoptees will be using the #FlipTheScript movement to post their truths, thoughts, feelings, and viewpoints on social media throughout the month.

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